Electronic Statements

A secure way to reduce clutter.

Less clutter. More security. And no charge!

We're glad to provide Electronic Statements and Notices (eStatements) for your deposit and loan accounts. This free service contains the very same information as paper statements and provides the following benefits:
  • Faster: eStatements arrive days sooner because they're distributed electronically, bypassing the postal service. Plus, we'll send you an email notification when they're ready to view.
  • More Secure: Traditional paper statements are vulnerable to theft by fraudsters. Our eStatements are protected by multiple layers of security to keep your information safe.
  • More Versatile: Our eStatements are delivered in PDF format which means that they can be displayed on a computer screen, printed, and/or saved to your hard drive.
  • Money Saving: eStatements allow customers with Community Free Checking and Community Free Business Checking to avoid the monthly paper statement fee.

We'll archive your eStatements for up to 18 months, which makes record keeping and tax preparation easier. If you ever need a printed copy of your account statement, simply contact us. And if you ever change your mind, you can go back to paper statements just by updating your preferences.

Ready to switch to eStatements?

Just log in to your online banking account and click the eStatements tab.