Overdraft Protection

It's good to know you won't get caught off guard!

If your checking account loses it's balance, we'll catch it. 

Overdraft Protection services are designed to help prevent overdrafts triggered by all types of transactions. Once you've selected the coverage that is right for you, we'll watch your checking account balance, and if it gets too low, we'll automatically transfer funds, from one of your other First Community Bank Accounts. 

Overdraft Protection comes with options, too. We provide our eligible checking account customers with a standard overdraft service called Overdraft Privilege. We also offer one or more overdraft protection plans that may be less expensive than our standard overdraft services. To learn more, visit your local branch.

Free tools to help manage your account and avoid overdrafts. 

  • MyFinance - A way to keep track of all of your accounts. 
  • Xpress Banker - Our state of the art ATM machines.
  • Xpress by FCB mobile app makes budgeting a breeze. Set low balance alerts within the app to notify you when your account balance is getting low. Download our app today!  

To enroll in Overdraft Protection - Enrollment
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Overdraft Coverage Options

Service Cost
Overdraft Protection: Links to another deposit
account you have at First Community Bank
No cost
Overdraft Privilege (Paid Item Fee) $36.00 overdraft fee per presentment
Returned Items: When we decline a transaction due to insufficient funds
$12.00 per returned presentment

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) - Common Questions and answers regarding Overdrafts and Insufficient Funds fees.