Sweep Services

Put every penny where it matters most.

We'll make your sure money never sleeps.

Investment Sweep Services

Cash is one of your most important resources, so don't let it sit idly in a checking account. Our Investment Sweep Services let you earn interest on every penny of your extra cash. We'll link your current business checking account with an interest-bearing account, and excess funds will be automatically swept over to earn interest at competitive rates. Link multiple business accounts together to take advantage of relationship pricing.

Credit Line Sweep Services

Want to make your business banking easier? Our Credit Line Sweep Services will automatically transfer funds from your line of credit to your checking account as needed. It'll also move excess checking balances to pay down your credit line. This helpful service offers valuable peace of mind, knowing that shortfalls in your checking account are automatically covered.

  • Earn interest on excess cash
  • Save interest expense by sweeping cash from your checking account to your credit line to pay it down quickly
  • Manage your cash flow more simply with our automated sweep accounts

To learn more about partnering with First Community Bank's Commercial Services team, please call us at (855) 529-7945 or email us at CommercialServices@fcbinc.com.