Positive Pay

We'll help guard your business against loss.

Fraudulent checks don't stand a chance.

Positive Pay is an early fraud detection service that verifies all checks written from your account. If a check strikes you as suspicious in any way, we'll help you with it immediately. That way you're not alone when protecting against loss.

The best part? It's simple. All you have to do is upload your check information into our Business Online Banking & Cash Manager. We accept a variety of file formats and will match our system to yours, making uploading your check information fast and easy.

Before cashing a check, Positive Pay will verify its authenticity by comparing it to your check information. If a check doesn't match, you have the chance to review it before it's paid, keeping you up to date on any possible check fraud as it happens.

  • Get notified of potential check fraud as soon as it happens
  • Proactively manage check fraud risk
  • Reduce fraud losses and avoid the fraud recovery process
  • Reinforce your check-writing controls and policies 

To learn more about partnering with First Community Bank's Commercial Services team, please call us at (855) 529-7945 or email us at CommercialServices@fcbinc.com.