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"The greatest happiness is to be that which one is." - Theodore Herzl

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Fun Sites For You and The Kids

Fun math activities - try some today!
Ask Dr. Math your questions and your answers will be posted
Change Maker -figure out how many ways you can get the correct change
Math Baseball for one or two players
Penguin Waiter - Learn percentages by calculating tips
Metric Conversions, Flash cards - and much more
Puzzlemaker - lots of cool things to make and do!
See a number on your phone bill? Who was that? Find out!

Financial Interest

For current financial statements, visit the FDIC website and go directly to our bank's data by entering FDIC Certificate # 17520
Find out if your savings bonds are still earning interest-the value of your savings bond
Figure out if all your money is FDIC insured
Social Security - Find out how much money you've contributed
Ohio Bankers League
American Bankers Association
Community Bankers Association of Ohio
Identity Theft - Tips on protecting yourself

Local Interest

Area Weather
Columbus Dispatch
Columbus on Yahoo
Columbus Chamber of Commerce

Here at First Community Bank, we're always on the look out for cool stuff...If you know of any other cool sites or stuff that you might like to see from this site, just e-mail the webmaster and we'll check it out!

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