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Loan Preapplication Checklist from First Community Bank

For your convenience, in order to make the processing and closing of your property loan faster and easier, we have listed here items that will be requested from a loan applicant. 

Money for when you need more.

Copy of Home Owners Insurance Policy
1040's for previous 2 years
W2's for previous 2 years
2 Current pay stubs for each applicant
Name, address and account numbers for all mortgage accounts
Name, address and account numbers for all checking and savings accounts
Copies of last 3 months bank statements for all accounts
Name and account numbers of all note debts (car loan, credit cards, student loans, etc.)
Name and address of last employer for last 2 years for all applicants

Where applicable

Copy of sales contract
Copy of divorce decree and separation agreement
Copy of HUD-1 settlement statement of purchase contract of the home being sold
Year to date profit and loss statement and balance sheet
Name and address of landlord for last 2 years
Copy of land contract
Copy of previous deed, location survey and title insurance policy
If self-employed, last 2 years business financial statements and federal tax returns

All loans subject to approval.  Equal Housing Lender.